A new wastewater treatment system being constructed at Yuzhny Balyk LODS

Date of publication: 10 March 2017 Print

Construction of treatment facilities in the Yuzhny Balyk line operation dispatcher station commenced in April 2016. To date construction of the production waste and storm water treatment station with the capacity of 20 m3/h has been completed, all necessary equipment has been procured and mounted; piping and setting up the station systems has been underway now. Assembled has also been equipment at the sludge dewatering station, the foundation filling has been completed at the 50 m3/d biotreatment station; assembly and welding of overhead cable bridge for treatment facilities have nearly been finished by now.

The resolution to construct a new system of treatment facilities was made in the scope of Transneft environmental policy, because the existing system has been in use since 1986 and no more meets the applicable standards of wastewater treatment to MAC (maximum allowable concentration) levels of fishery waters. The new treatment system meeting the most stringent environmental requirements was designed and manufactured by professionals of the Tyumen Machinery and Repair Plant. The treatment facilities from Tyumen passed tests at production sites of the Eastern Siberia - Pacific Ocean oil trunk pipeline; nowadays the units with the capacity of 20 m³/h of waste and storm water have been successfully operated at Tayshet and Tayshet-2 pump stations.

Yuzhny Balyk is among the biggest line operation dispatcher stations in terms of oil acceptance, storage and transshipment, with its tank farm able to hold up to 480,000 cubic metres of oil. It occupies more than 60 hectares. The LODS responsibility area covers 300+ kilometres of oil trunk pipelines’ linear portion operated by four pump stations.

The new treatment facilities at Yuzhny Balyk LODS are expected to be brought online in September 2017.