Tyumen OTPD (Oil Trunk Pipeline Directorate) performs reconstruction of industrial facilities

Date of publication: 18 April 2017 Print

Tyumen Oil Trunk Pipeline Directorate (OTPD) of Transneft Siberia in accordance with the joint-stock company’s development programme performs a set of works on reconstruction of industrial facilities.

For the purpose of increasing reliability indices of the electric power equipment of oil pump station No. 2 (OPS-2) reconstruction of the electricity supply system is conducted at Isetskoe line operation dispatcher station (LODS). At the present time the specialists perform installation of overhead cable trays, laying of cables, construction of the building for indoor switchgear. 37 specialists of the contracting organization and four equipment units are involved in the works.

Reconstruction of a tank with the amount of 20 thousand cubic metres (VST-20000) No. 8 is conducted at Torgili LODS. Specialists perform replacement of metal structures of the tank’s wall, assembly of fire-fighting pipelines.

Besides, Tyumen OTPD in 2017 implements a set of measures on increasing reliability of the linear portion of oil trunk pipelines. Among them, replacement of a section of Shaim – Tyumen oil trunk pipeline with the length of 341 m in the bottomland of the river Iska is conducted. At the present time arrangement of stop valve units is conducted at the facility. Overhaul of route high-voltage line is performed at the section of Ust-Balyk – Kurgan – Ufa – Almetievsk oil trunk pipeline with the length of 54 km. The bulk of the works has been finished; the facility acceptance is planned to be performed in the nearest future.

The purpose of the works performed by Tyumen OTPD is securing uninterrupted oil transportation and environmental safety of the oil trunk pipelines system of Transneft Siberia.