Transneft Siberia held firefighting and tactical drills at tank farm of Torgili LODS

Date of publication: 28 April 2017 Print

On 27 April 2017, Transneft Siberia held “Extinguishing oil and petroleum product fires in tanks and tank farms” verification firefighting and tactical drills at Torgili LODS of the Tyumen Oil Trunk Pipeline Directorate (OTPD). The training also involved the Main Department of the EMERCOM of Russia in Tyumen region.

Under the drill scenario, ignition of the air-vapour mixture occurred in tank No. 12  with the rated capacity of 20,000 m3 due to reduced thickness of fencing structures and origination of iron sulphide sediments (porous substances showing no mechanical strength and readily oxidisable in the air, with emission of heat and sulphur). This resulted in a tank explosion; its roof was torn off and cast aside, oil burst into flame throughout the entire tank area.

Guard-on-duty (three crews) from the 22nd fire station (FS) arrived at the simulated fire location in a few minutes. Heads of executive office of Transneft Siberia and the Tyumen OTPD, maintenance divisions and members of the Torgili LODS volunteer fire brigade, forces and facilities of the Tyumen fire guard garrison took part in fire extinguishing, overall, 15 vehicles and 45 fire guards and the Torgili LODS employees.

Two foam attacks were held to eliminate the fire, under the tactical concept and inputs: by feeding foam into the oil layer, and (using a combined method) by feeding foam into the layer and on the oil surface. Both the burning and neighbouring tanks were cooled during fire-extinguishing. The simulated fire at VST No. 12 was eliminated within 50 minutes.

The purpose of the drills was to train the LODS personnel and guard-on-duty from FS No.22 to evaluate the fire situation by external signs; evaluate FS No. 22 preparedness for extinguishing fires in the tank farm and for using methods of handling the firefighting equipment; determine degree of interaction between the firefighting units and services of Torgili LODS in fire extinction and emergency elimination; drilling of the firefighting plan.

The drills involving the personnel of the Transneft Siberia units and services is a crucial component for ensuring industrial and environmental safety at the company’s facilities. Being aware of potential hazard of its technologically complicated business, Transneft Siberia has been developing and operating the system of oil transportation by trunk pipelines so as to ensure protection of employees’ and local people’s life and health from accidents in hazardous production facilities, and to prevent the environmental damage.