Transneft Siberia revamped telemetry system of the Samotlor-Nizhnevartovsk oil pipeline

Date of publication: 12 October 2017 Print

Transneft Siberia completed technical upgrading of the telemetry system at the Samotlor-Nizhnevartovsk oil trunk pipeline. The work was done in the section from the 3rd to the 47th km, under the company’s development programme.

The previous telemetry system in the section covered by responsibility of the Nizhnevartovsk Oil Trunk Pipeline Directorate had been in operation since 1996. The decision to revamp was made since the equipment assigned lifetime was exceeded and the system no longer complied with the technical rules and regulations of Transneft.

The telemetry system upgrading was launched in March 2017. The new telemetry cabinets were manufactured in the production hub of Transneft Upper Volga.

The new equipment enabled to increase the bulk of controlled information 2.5 times. The list of controlled parameters was brought into compliance with the reference document entitled “Automation and telemetry of process equipment of onsite and linear facilities in oil and petroleum product trunk pipelines. Main provisions”. It also ensured protection of stop valves from inadvertent opening/closing of gates in case of damaged cable lines, malfunctioning electronic modules of electric drives.

The new telemetry system was already brought online at the Samotlor-Nizhnevartovsk oil trunk pipeline.