Transneft Siberia Finalized Replacement of Two Underwater Crossings in Surgut – Gorky – Polotsk Oil Pipeline

Date of publication: 29 November 2017 Print

Transneft Siberia’s Uray Oil Trunk Pipeline Directorate  has finalized scheduled replacement of the two underwater crossings over Surgut – Gorky – Polotsk oil trunk pipeline (OTP) at the crossings with the Tura and Molva rivers in Sverdlovsk Region. The technical upgrading was conducted according to the joint stock company’s development program.

The reconstruction of the oil pipeline section at the crossing with the Tura River began in August 2016. The total length of the replaced section came to 1.5 km, and the drain channel length, to 256 meters.

The replacement of the underwater crossing of the trunk pipeline over the Molva River began in October 2016. The replaced section length is 1.7 km, including the 118 m drain channel (the oil pipeline underwater portion).

The pipe was laid down on the riverbed by the drain channel dragging method. Technical and biological reclaiming was finalized in the work sites. The facilities were commissioned according to the schedule. At present, oil transportation in the pipeline is carried out in the routine mode.

Technical upgrading of the underwater crossings of Surgut – Gorky – Polotsk OTP over the Tura and Molva rivers was conducted to ensure the accident-free operation and environmental safety of Transneft – Siberia oil trunk pipeline system.