A new power supply system was commissioned at Isetskoe-2 PS (oil pump station)

Date of publication: 05 December 2017 Print

Transneft Siberia finished construction of the power supply system of Isetskoe-2 Oil Pump Station (PS) in Tyumen Oil Trunk Pipeline Directorate (OTPD) and commissioned it.  The works were performed within the Technical Upgrading and Overhaul Programme of the joint-stock company to increase reliability of power equipment.

The previous power supply system was operated for 43 years, it is obsolete and no longer complies with the requirements of regulations and standard design concepts of Transneft.

The facility revamping works started in November 2016. A new 10 kV indoor switchgear (IGS-10kV) with modern factory-assembled switchgear cells (FASG), equipped with microprocessor units of relay protection and automation, was constructed during revamping of the power supply system of Isetskoye-2 PS. Replacement of transformer substation, control station shields and diesel power plant with appropriate equipment and utilities for emergency redundancy of power supply was performed.

Besides, the specialists replaced 1.15 km of old cable lines (10kV) with paper insulation by cable lines with cross-linked polyethylene insulation with reduced fire hazard, and 56 km of power cable lines (0.4kV) and control cable lines. Two lightning rods were replaced.

Indoor switchgear is equipped with modern high-technology equipment, including soft starter for high voltage electric motors. It is meant for soft start of high voltage synchronous and asynchronous electric motors and reduces influence of starting current on electrical networks, prolongs electric motors’ service life due to reducing shock starting loads.

All the equipment installed is Russian-manufactured, produced taking into account modern requirements for energy efficiency.

The modernized system made it possible to ensure reliable power supply of Isetskoye-2 PS, enhance safety and energy efficiency of the facility, fault-free oil transportation along the operated section of Nizhnevartovsk – Kurgan – Kuybyshev oil trunk pipeline.