Transneft Siberia JSC Improves Reliability of Production Facilities at Torgili LODS of Tyumen Oil Trunk Pipeline Department

Date of publication: 15 December 2017 Print

Transneft Siberia JSC has finalized comprehensive work to improve reliability of its production facilities of Torgili line operation dispatcher station (LODS) of Tyumen Oil Trunk Pipeline Department (OTPD).

As part of the technical upgrading and revamping program of the joint stock company, the technical upgrading of oil tank No. 8, with the rated volume of 20,000 cm was carried out, with installation of pontoon that would enable to reduce air emissions of the gas-and-air mixture from 85% to 99%. Based on the technical diagnosis, the bottom, roof and sides of the tank were replaced; a new firefighting system was mounted. The tank has been commissioned.

In general, Torgili LODS tank fleet comprises 11 containers with 220,000 cm aggregate volume. At present, РВС No. 3 was stopped for full technical diagnosis, and РВС No. 9, based on the diagnosis held beforehand its technical upgrading will begin in February 2018.

In 2017, two electric engines were replaced in supporting assemblies of Torgili-2 NPS. The diagnosis of technological oil pipelines of the station was carried out and involved replacement of 200 meters of pressure collector.

Work is being performed to improve failure resistance of electric circuits in the automated process control systems of Torgili LODS. The system is to be connected by the end of 2017.

Besides, revamping of the car garage and warehouses, and administrative and household building has been finalized. The bitumen pavement of the station has been renewed.

In the linear portion of oil trunk pipelines, the Borki on-shore assembly of linear locking valves was brought to the standard, including embankment and gravelling of the territory, equipment painting, installation of two interception rods.

The set of work will improve reliability of facilities at Torgili LODS, Tyumen OTPD, in particular, will ensure stable oil transportation, environmental safety and energy efficiency of the production processes.