Transneft Siberia Finalizes Work to Improve Reliability of Urievskaya LODS Facilities of Nizhnevartovsk OTPD

Date of publication: 22 December 2017 Print

Transneft Siberia, JSC finalized comprehensive work to improve reliability of  production facilities of Urievskaya line operation dispatcher station (LODS) of Nizhnevartovsk  Oil Trunk Pipeline Directorate (OTPD).

As part of the joint stock company’s Program for Technical Upgrading and Revamping, work was performed at three LODS facilities. In particular, 20,000 m3 tank No. 1 was upgraded; the new system for improving fail safety of the power circuits of the automated process control system was installed and connected. The fire depot for four vehicles was built and commissioned.

In addition, booster pump No. 4 and the electric engine of booster pump assembly No. 1 of Urievskaya-4 oil pump station (PS), the water reuse enclosure box, and LODS water pipeline external networks have been overhauled. Besides, as part of the overhaul program implementation,  the selective repairs of the defect in the riverbed part of the underwater crossing over the Ob’ River,  in the main line of the Urievskye/ Yuzhny Balyk oil pipeline,  were carried out.

According to the current repairs program, the  industrial unit building where a roofed parking lot and workshops are located, was repaired at Urievskaya LODS.

These efforts improved reliability of  Urievskaya LODS facilities of Nizhnevartovsk OTPD, in particular, the uninterrupted oil transportation, environmental safety and energy efficiency of production processes have been secured.

In 2018, the plan is to work at 5 facilities of the technical upgrading and revamping program and at 3 facilities of the overhaul program in Urievskaya LODS. In particular, the plan is to technically upgrade the 20,000 m3 tank No. 3 at Urievskaya LODS, the centralized emergency control automation system of Urievskiye – Yuzhny Balyk oil trunk pipeline, and the automated process control system of Urievskaya-4 PS.