Tyumen Machinery and Repair Plant of Transneft Siberia celebrates its fortieth anniversary

Date of publication: 12 January 2018 Print

The staff of the Tyumen Machinery and Repair Plant (TMRP) has celebrated 40 years since the start of its operations. Tyumen MRP is a Transneft-Siberia business unit.

The plant was established by order No. 725 issued on 28 December 1977 by the Ministry of Oil Industry as part of the Department of West and North-West Siberia oil trunk pipelines (now Transneft Siberia). Initially, the branch was formed as a Central Production Service Shop (CPSS) and got its current name, Tyumen Machinery and Repair Plant, in 1991. Today, the TMRP employs 690 people.

Tyumen Machinery and Repair Plant has two main lines of operation. The company manufactures products required to satisfy the needs of Transneft Siberia business units and other Transneft organizations in terms of spare parts and equipment for overhaul and revamping of pipeline transport facilities. The plant also carries out maintenance, minor and overhaul repair of the mechanical, power, heating, and calibration equipment as well as instrumentation and automated equipment.

Tyumen MRP has its main production facility located in Tyumen, while the pre-commisioning and commissioning units are located in Surgut, Nizhnevartovsk, Nefteyugansk and Uray.

Every year, Tyumen MRP develops and introduces new products, taking into account the customers' specialized production needs. In the recent years, manufacturing of the following types of equipment has been successfully launched: sewage treatment plants, wastewater biotreatment plants, sludge dewatering stations, pumps, and ponton chassis for amphibious excavators. The total product portfolio of the plant includes 1,809 units.

The mechanical workshop is currently being revamped which includes installation of high-technology equipment, including computer numerical control (CNC) production centres. The introduction of CNC machines will result in a 150% increase in labour productivity and successful manufacturing of parts which have complex geometric shapes. Today, the production capacities of TMRP are growing, new technologies are being introduced there, and the production culture is being improved.

Construction of a production complex including an assembly-welding shop and a warehouse will be completed by 2020 within the 71,000 sq. m. large territory of the plant.