Transneft Siberia’s Development Programme for 2017 Implemented in Full

Date of publication: 26 January 2018 Print

Transneft Siberia fully implemented its development programme for 2017. The capex utilized totalled RUB 27 billion.

As part of the technical upgrading programme, 2017 saw the replacement and commission of 15 oil trunk pipeline (OTP) sections with the total length of 116 km, and the replacement of 1 km of OTP underwater crossings, in the pursuit of higher reliability in operating the OTPs. Apart from that, 1874 defects were eliminated in the linear portion of oil trunk pipelines, 460 of them without using external resources. Transneft Siberia divisions also replaced 14 km of OTP corroding sections.

During the past year, the scope of work done at the oil pump stations of Transneft Siberia encompassed constructing new facilities, upgrading and overhauling buildings and structures. Specifically, the Company revamped 10 tanks with the total capacity of 180,000 m3.

In 2017 Transneft Siberia completed the construction of the Yuzhny Balyk-1 oil pump station (PS) affiliated with the Nefteyugansk Oil Trunk Pipeline Directorate (OTPD). This included building a new main pump house outfitted with state-of-the-art pump units and asynchronous electric motors, a facility for the pump unit general oil system, a control building, an oil quality measuring unit, as well as revamping the power supply system. Apart from that, the Company upgraded the Yuzhny Balyk-2 PS, including the replacement of main electric pump units and the revamping of the process pipeline by using new pipeline protection systems and pressure control valves. The work was done within the scope of the investment project “Comprehensive Yuzhny Balyk LODS revamping”.

In 2017, Transneft Siberia also finished constructing and commissioned a new chemical analytical laboratory (CAL) building for the Surgut OTPD. A new set of treatment plants, comprised by a production waste and storm water treatment station, a sludge dewatering station and a biotreatment station, was put into operation at the Yuzhny Balyk line operation dispatcher station (LODS) in the Nefteyugansk OTPD. Utility water treatment facilities were commissioned at the Yugan PS affiliated with the Nizhnevartovsk OTPD. Both treatment systems were manufactured in Russia.

Besides, in 2017 6 PS automated systems were put into operation, 12 pump units and 17 motors with improved equipment quality and energy efficiency characteristics were replaced and commissioned.

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Transneft Siberia is the largest business unit of the Transneft system. The Company’s production facilities are situated in five constituent entities of the Russian Federation: Tyumen, Kurgan, Sverdlovsk Regions, Khanty-Mansi and Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Districts. The business has been operating 27 oil trunk pipelines and one petroleum product trunk pipeline with the total length of over 9,300 km, as well as 85 oil pump stations. Transneft Siberia is comprised by eight oil trunk pipeline directorates, four auxiliary business units, with more than 10,300 employees servicing the oil trunk transportation facilities.