Construction of new power supply system starts at Salym-2 PS (oil pumping station)

Date of publication: 09 April 2018 Print

Transneft Siberia has launched the construction of a new power supply system at Salym-2 oil pumping station (PS) affiliated with Nefteyugansk Regional Oil Pipeline Directorate (RPD). The work is being performed within the scope of the Company’s technical upgrading and overhaul programme to improve the reliability index of the power facilities. The existing power supply system, which has been in use since 1975, has aged and become obsolete. It doesn’t meet the requirements of Transneft’s regulatory documents and standard design solutions anymore.

A new 10 kV indoor switchgear (ISG-10 kV) with modern cubicles of the factory-assembled switchgear (FASG) equipped with microprocessor-controlled relay protection and automation system will be constructed during revamping of the power supply system at Salym-2 PS.

The new ISG building will have rooms for a patch panel, telecommunications equipment and a PS-2 operator. The project also envisages replacement of the control station panels, construction of a diesel power plant with the necessary equipment and utilities for emergency power accumulators of 630 kW with diesel tanks, and new conductors. Apart from that, the work will include the construction of 7 lighting towers, the replacement of cable products and wiring, installation and setup of an automated measuring and information system of energy monitoring and metering. All equipment was manufactured in Russia and meets all modern requirements.

Assembly and mounting of new conductor supports, pit digging and installing the ISG building’s foundation are underway at the facility, along with the deliveries of materials and electrical equipment to the facility.

In the future, the contemporary equipment applied in the upgraded power supply system will ensure reliable power supply to Salym-2 PS, improve the facility’s safety and energy efficiency and ensure uninterrupted oil transportation at the operated section of the Ust-Balyk – Kurgan – Ufa – Almetievsk oil trunk pipeline.