Transneft Siberia’s Nefteyugansk OTPD celebrates branch’s 40th anniversary

Date of publication: 14 May 2018 Print

Nefteyugansk Oil Trunk Pipeline Directorate (OTPD) affiliated with Transneft Siberia is celebrating its 40th anniversary.

In April 1978, a standalone business unit – Nefteyugansk ROPD (Regional Oil Pipeline Directorate) was detached from Surgut (ROPD) by the Order No. 158 of the Oil Pipeline Directorate of Western and North-Western Siberia at the Ministry of Oil and Gas Industry of the USSR. The decision stemmed from the dynamics of oil extraction in Middle Ob Region in the 1970s: the country needed new oil pipelines with high throughput capacity. A new Surgut–Gorky–Polotsk large diameter (1,200 mm) oil trunk pipeline equipped with powerful main pump units, automation, telemetry and auxiliary equipment was commissioned that very year.

Nowadays, Nefteyugansk OTPD is a large hi-tech business unit, which is part of Transneft Siberia’s unified transportation system, with more than 1,050 employees. The directorate services four line operation dispatcher stations (Yuzhny Balyk, Karkateyevy, Salym and Ostrov LODSs), Satarino oil pumping station (PS) and sections of eight oil trunk pipelines with the total length above 1,260 km. The directorate also operates a tank farm of 50 oil tanks.

A huge amount of work for revamping and upgrading Nefteyugansk OTPD’s oil transportation system is carried out at the facilities annually. Comprehensive revamping of Yuzhny Balyk LODS, one of the largest LODSs in the structure of Transneft Siberia, is underway within the scope of the investment project. The station was put into operation in 1971. The LODS is responsible for over 300 kilometres of the line portion of oil trunk pipelines; the annual volume of the oil pumped by Yuzhny Balyk LODS constitutes 73% of the total volume of the oil transported by Transneft Siberia. Construction of Yuzhny Balyk-1 PS was completed in 2017: a new mainline pump house fitted with modern pump units and induction motors, a building for a common pump units’ oil supply system, a control room and an oil quality parameters measurement unit were built; the facility’s power supply system was revamped.

A set of works has been accomplished to modernise  Yuzhny Balyk-2 PS, including replacement of mainline electric pump units and revamping of process pipelines by using new pipeline protection systems and pressure regulators. A new complex of treatment facilities, comprised by production waste and storm water treatment stations, sludge dewatering stations and a biological treatment station, was put into operation at Yuzhny Balyk LODS. The modernization of  Yuzhny Balyk LODS is continuing in 2018.

Besides, last year saw replacement of line portion sections of the Surgut–Gorky–Polotsk and Ust-Balyk–Nizhnevartovsk oil trunk pipelines, technical upgrading of three oil tanks and modernisation of Karkateyevy LODS’s automated process control system.

A set of measures for development of oil pipeline transportation facilities that is being implemented by the Nefteyugansk OTPD ensures effective and uninterrupted transportation of oil as well as environmental safety and energy efficiency of Transneft Siberia’s oil trunk pipeline system.