Transneft Siberia inspects Samotlor–Aleksandrovskaya OTP feed pipeline under construction

Date of publication: 05 June 2018 Print

Transneft Siberia has conducted technical diagnostics (BGT tool analysis) of a built section of a feed pipeline for the Samotlor – Aleksandrovskaya oil trunk pipeline (OTP).

Construction and installation works at the line portion of the OTP commenced in September 2017. The length of the feed pipeline is 28.9 km, its diameter is 720 mm. The welding and assembly works have been completed. The new pipeline’s route crosses 35 barriers, including water bodies and utility networks. At present, hydraulic strength and leakage tests of the line portion have been completed and engineering diagnostics (BGT tool analysis) has been conducted. 94 people and 39 equipment units are engaged at the facility. 

Construction on the Samotlor–Aleksnadrovskaya OTP feed pipeline is necessitated by the need to optimise sour oil flows from Nizhnevartovskaya line operation dispatcher station (LODS) of Transneft Siberia to Aleksandrovskaya oil pumping station (PS) of Transneft Central Siberia. Apart from the construction of the feed pipeline’s line portion, the project envisages constructing  mainline pump house facilities at Nizhnevartovskaya LODS.

Building of the mainline pump house facilities for the feed pipeline commenced at Nizhnevartovskaya LODS in December 2017. Within the framework of this project, a modular building of the mainline pump house is being built. The foundation concreting works will soon be over and the prefabricated modules are expected to be supplied in June. A variable frequency converter, motor-operated valves premises and three mud trap filters have been assembled at the facility. Also under construction is a 5,000-m3 fire water tank, sewerage and external fire extinguishing wells and overhead cable trays. The new equipment is mostly made in Russia. Engaged are 80 personnel and 23 equipment units.