Urai OTPD completes construction of tank foundation concrete base at Konda LODS

Date of publication: 06 June 2018

Pile driving and construction of a concrete base for a ring foundation of vertical floating-roof tank (VFRT-20000) No. 11 have been completed at Konda Line Operation Dispatcher Station (LODS) of Urai Oil Trunk Pipeline Directorate (OTPD).

Currently, builders are constructing formwork and reinforcing the ring foundation. Metal structures will be installed in August this year.

Transneft Siberia is constructing two vertical floating-roof tanks (No. 11 and No.12) with the volume of 20,000 m3 each at Konda Line Operation Dispatcher Station. The construction of the tanks was launched in February 2018. The works are being carried out within the framework of the Company’s technical upgrading and revamping programme.

Pile driving for the foundation of tank No. 12 is now at its final stage. Construction of formwork, reinforcement and filling of the foundation frame will start in mid-June 2018. Installation of metal structures is scheduled for September.

Each tank will have a floating roof that will reduce evaporation of light hydrocarbon fractions by up to 95%, thereby reducing harmful emissions into the atmosphere.

At present, sand, other building materials and equipment are being delivered to the construction site. 69 employees and 22 pieces of equipment (excavators, bulldozers, dump trucks, cranes, pile drivers and drilling equipment) take part in the construction and installation.

The new tanks will ensure a uniform loading of the tank farm, taking into account expected oil throughput volumes. According to the schedule, the tanks will be commissioned on 1 September 2019.