Transneft Siberia announces Best in Profession contest results

Date of publication: 07 June 2018

Transneft Siberia has announced the results of the 2nd stage of the Best in Profession contest.

The event that was held on 5–6 June 2018 and was attended by 102 winners of the first stage, which had earlier taken place in Transneft Siberia’s divisions.

Taking part in the contest were representatives of the following professions: electric and gas welders, electrical equipment repair and maintenance fitters, oil pumping station operators, commodity loading operators (petroleum products), truck drivers, instrumentation and automation fitters, processing units repairmen, chemical analysis laboratory assistants, commodity loading operators and line pipeliners. Excavator drivers took part in competitions for the first time in the history of this contest.

The event was held at the Company's production facilities in Tyumen (Tyumen Machinery and Repair Plant, Specialized Department for Emergency Prevention and Response, Tyumen Petroleum Products Pumping Station), as well as Chepursky and Torgili line operation dispatcher stations and The Tyumen Oil Pipeline Professional College.

In order to win the contest, participants must be familiar with regulations and technological processes; they must be able to perform the necessary operations quickly and in precise sequence as well as to have excellent knowledge of professional terminology.

This professional skills contest is an important element of Transneft Siberia's HR policy. This event is aimed at increasing the prestige of blue-collar professions and encouraging participants’ self-improvement and professional growth.

Winners of the Best in Profession contest from Transneft Siberia will take part in the contest among all Transneft’s subsidiaries to represent their Company at a contest that will be hosted by Transneft Druzhba in Bryansk on 5–9 August 2018.


 The winners and prize-winners of the 2nd stage of the Best in Profession contest:

Best electric and gas welder:

L. G. Khisamutdinov, Specialized Department for Emergency Prevention and Response

Best electrical equipment repair and maintenance fitters:

V. A. Druzhinin, Noyabrsk OTPD

Best oil pumping station operator:

M. V. Kabanova, Urengoy OTPD

Best  commodity loading operator (petroleum products):

D. V. Osepyan, Tyumen OTPD

Best truck driver:

D. L. Sidorenko, Specialized Transport Directorate

Best instrumentation and automation fitter:

A. I. Ovod, Nizhnevartovsk OTPD

Best processing units repairman:

M. V. Trifonov, Nefteyugansk OTPD

Best chemical analysis laboratory assistant:

N. M. Soloshenko, Tyumen OTPD

Best commodity loading operator:

Yu. A. Valeyeva, Noyabrsk OTPD

Best line pipeliner:

A. V. Nosov, Specialized Department for Emergency Prevention and Response

Best excavator driver:

V. A. Pashchenko, Surgut OTPD