Transneft Siberia holds firefighting sports competitions

Date of publication: 08 June 2018

Transneft Siberia has held the 19th Best Volunteer Fire Brigade Crew of Transneft firefighting competition. 

The contest, that took place on 7–8 June 2018, was attended by 12 teams from the Company's main departments. Traditionally, the competitions were held at the Tyumen Oil Pipeline Professional College’s stadium located in the village of Vinzili, (the city of Tyumen).

The teams competed in 5 categories: 100 metres obstacle course, firefighting relay race, 100 metres running, deployment of fire engines and theoretical knowledge tests.

Firefighting as a sport is aimed at improving strength, coordination, endurance, reaction and the ability to withstand significant pressure of physical activity as well as to work while surrounded by smoke at high temperatures. The competitors showed that members of volunteer fire brigade crews fully possess these skills. 

More than a thousand employees are members of Transneft’s volunteer fire brigades (VFBs), among them there are equipment fitters, mechanics, drivers and line pipeliners. They take part in regular emergency response drills, relevant trainings and briefings. Theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the field of fire safety are used on a daily basis to improve labour discipline and ensure compliance with occupational safety requirements. VFBC members also carry out preventive activities in their teams.

At the end of the two-day competitions, the team of the Specialized Transport Directorate took first place for the third time in a row. Urengoy Oil Trunk Pipeline Directorate (OTPD) came in second. Third place was taken by Noyabrsk OTPD. Andrei Snegiryov, a line pipeliner from Tyumen OTPD, was the best in extinguishing a burning tray (1.02 seconds).

Winners will become members of a combined team of Transneft Siberia to take part in the third stage of the firefighting sport competitions among entities of the Transneft system. The final stage will be held in Yoshkar-Ola in August 2018.