Transneft Siberia Completes Scheduled Oil Trunk Pipeline Repairs

Date of publication: 10 August 2018 Print
Transneft Siberia has completed scheduled repairs of oil trunk pipelines (OTPs). The pipes were repaired at the Nizhnevartovsk – Kurgan – Kuybyishev (NKK) OTP and the Ust-Balyk – Kurgan – Ufa – Almetievsk (UBKUA) OTP within an integrated technical upgrading, revamping, and overhaul programme. During a planned shutdown of the NKK OTP (191 – 195 km of the pipeline’s standby leg), a newly constructed pipe section was connected in order to increase reliability of operation. Midlife repairs of 31 stop valves were performed within the scope of works at onsite facilities of line operation dispatcher stations (LODSs) of Transneft Siberia’s oil trunk pipeline directorates (OTPDs). As for Nefteyugansk OTPD, safety valves assembly No 1 was connected at Karkateyevy LODS, and three check valves were replaced at Salym LODS. Pipelines were reinstalled at a pressure regulator chamber located at Isetskoye LODS of Tyumen OTPD. In Nizhnevartovsk OTPD, process pipelines were built and connected at Nizhnevartovsk LODS within a technical upgrading programme construction project. Pipeline sections were cut out at Samotlor LODS of Nizhnevartovsk OTPD, Demyanskoye LODS of Tobolsk OTPD and Sosva LODS of Urai OTPD as part of a specialised programme to eliminate sections of technological pipelines that do not participate in the technological process. The works were performed by employees of line maintenance teams of oil pumping stations, as well as central maintenance divisions of the Company’s units and a specialised directorate for emergency prevention and response. Oil pumping via the oil trunk pipelines has been resumed within the planned deadlines, the pipelines are currently operating in the normal mode.