Transneft Siberia Puts Replaced Section of Kholmogory – Klin Oil Pipeline into Operation

Date of publication: 20 December 2018 Print

Surgut Oil Trunk Pipeline Directorate of Transneft Siberia has finished replacing the main leg of the Kholmogory – Klin oil trunk pipeline (OTP) in the 232-260 km section (KhMAA-Yugra). The technical upgrading of the OTP was conducted in accordance with the Development Programme of the Company.

The planned works began in August 2016. The total length of the replaced section of the main leg was 28.8 km. In particular, the underwater crossings of the oil pipeline were replaced at the intersections with the Mokhovaya River (the siphon’s length was 108 meters), the Malaya Mokhovaya River (the siphon’s length was 161 meters) and the Pochekuyka River (the siphon’s length wa 279 meters). The siphons were laid by digging out a trench and backfilling it. In addition, a 79-meter long pipe section was replaced under the Surgut-Kogalym road.

Hydraulic strength and leakage tests were carried out at the oil trunk pipeline’s new section in April 2018. Comprehensive technical and biological recultivation was carried out. The new section was connected to the existing oil pipeline and put into operation.

The technical upgrading of the Kholmogory – Klin OTP’s standby leg was carried out to ensure emergency-free operation and environmental safety of Transneft Siberia’s system of trunk pipelines.