Oil Storage Tank Commissioned at Torgili LODS of Tyumen OTPD

Date of publication: 26 December 2018

Transneft Siberia has completed technical upgrading of vertical floating-roof tank (VFRT-20000) No. 9 with the total capacity of 20,000 cubic metres at Torgili line operation dispatcher station (LODS) of Tyumen Oil Trunk Pipeline Directorate.

The works were conducted in accordance with the Company’s Development Programme.

The technical upgrading of the tank began in May 2018 based on previously performed diagnostics. Partial replacement of wall metal frames, roof and bottom was performed. The fire extinguishing and tank sprinkler, power supply and electrical protection systems as well as fire extinguishing automation system were repaired and brought into compliance with regulatory requirements. Hydraulic strength and leakage tests were also conducted for the VFRT-20000. In addition, automatic and subsurface fire extinguishing systems, as well as the tank cooling system were tested. The facility’s adjacent area was improved. Currently, the tank is operated in the normal mode.

In 2019, upgrading of the tank farm of Torgili LODS will be continued. For example, it is planned to construct VFRT-20000 No. 7 and perform technical upgrading of VFRT-20000 No. 3. Technical upgrading of the Torgili LODS tank farm is carried out in order to improve the operational reliability and environmental safety of the oil trunk pipeline system of Transneft Siberia.