Transneft Siberia Implements 2018 Programme of Technical Upgrading and Revamping in Full

Date of publication: 22 January 2019 Print

Transneft Siberia has implemented the technical upgrading and reconstruction programme as well as overhaul programme for 2018 in full.

In order to improve reliability, 17 sections of oil trunk pipelines (OTP) with the total length of 160 km were replaced and put into operation. In particular, a 13 km long underwater crossing was commissioned at the Kirgaz River (Tyumen Region). 1,990 defects were eliminated from trunk pipelines, 7 of them at underwater crossings; 8 km of corroded sections of OTPs were replaced.

In 2018, Transneft Siberia completed installation of six bridge structures over water barriers at their intersections with oil trunk pipelines. Three more installations are currently under construction.

Construction of new facilities, upgrading and overhauling of buildings and structures was performed at the Company’s oil pumping stations during the year. In particular, four vertical steel tanks were reconstructed and two automation systems were put into operation at Salym and Kedrovoye LODSs. In addition, 37 electric motors for main and booster pump units with improved quality and energy efficiency indicators were replaced and commissioned at the Company’s operational facilities, oil and petroleum products’ lease automatic custody transfer units were introduced at 12 oil pumping stations in 2018.

In order to improve energy efficiency, 9 km of heating networks were repaired at 11 operational facilities in the past year. In the boiler houses of Mugen and Torgili LODSs, five boilers were replaced with four modern ones, with high efficiency. In Noyabrsk OTPD, gasification of boiler house with the capacity of 8 MW was carried out at Purpe LODS, which reduced consumption of fuel by 3.5 times. A block-modular boiler house with the capacity of 12 MW, manufactured in Russia, was commissioned at Nizhnevartovskaya LODS of Nizhnevartovsk OTPD.

In 2018, construction of the production complex of the Tyumen Machinery and Repair Plant began.  The project’s implementation as a part of the import substitution programme will allow to organise uninterrupted manufacturing of metal frames in the context of the growing needs of Transneft subsidiaries.

In order to provide the employees of Transneft Siberia with housing, a 36-flat house was built in Sentyabrsky Settlement and a 48-flat house – in Vyngapurovsky District of Noyabrsk.

The works provided for by the Company’s technical upgrading, revamping and overhaul programme ensured trouble-free operation and environmental safety of Transneft Siberia’s oil trunk pipeline system.