Transneft Siberia Hosts Regional Stage of Corporate Winter Sports Festival

Date of publication: 06 February 2019

Transneft Siberia has hosted athletic competitions for the Siberia regional sector as part of Transneft’s IV Winter Sports Festival.

Combined teams from Transneft Siberia, Transneft Western Siberia and Transneft Central Siberia took part in the event, making a total of 90 athletes.

The participants of the corporate sports festival competed individually as well as in teams in such sports as mountain skiing, snowboarding, ski racing and ski relay. In addition to that, an ice hockey championship was held as a separate competition not included in the overall standings. The competitions took place on February 2 and 3 at the sports facilities of Tyumen (the Voroninskiye Gorki sports and leisure centre, the Zatyumensky ecopark and the Sports Palace).  The opening ceremony for the event as well as the awards ceremony were held in the Khvoyny health resort (Tyumensky District).

According to the points summed up for all the sports included in the overall standings, Transneft Western Siberia became the winner, Transneft Central Siberia’s combined team was recognised second best, and Transneft Siberia ended up third. As for the ice hockey championship, Transneft Central Siberia became the winner.

 Exercising, winning, striving to deliver results – all this makes a person more goal-oriented and persevering and develops character, which makes a person more efficient at work,” noted Yevgeny Kiryanov, the chairman of Transneft Siberia’s united trade union’s committee.