Transneft Siberia Completes Work on Siphon Laying at Underwater Crossing of Oil Trunk Pipeline in Tyumen Region

Date of publication: 12 March 2019 Print

Tobolsk Oil Trunk Pipeline Directorate of Transneft Siberia has completed siphon laying at the underwater crossing through a nameless stream as part of replacing the main leg of the Ust-Balyk – Kurgan – Ufa – Almetievsk oil trunk pipeline (OTP) at the 148–225 km section (Tyumen Region). The technical revamping of the OTP is carried out in accordance with the Company’s development programme.

Scheduled works were started in October 2018. The total length of the pipeline section to be replaced is 8.3 km. In particular, one oil pipeline crossing through a water barrier has been replaced; the siphon’s length was 195 meters. The siphon laying was carried out through excavation and backfilling of the trench.

Currently, the welding of the new pipeline section into a string, as well as insulation of joints is being completed. The trench development, the pipe laying and ballasting with backfilling is underway. 65 people are involved in the works, over 20 units of equipment are used.

This month, it is planned to conduct hydraulic strength and leakage tests at the OTP’s new section. Transportation of oil is being carried out via the OTP’s standby leg. According to the schedule, the new section will be commissioned in September 2019.

The technical upgrading of the Ust-Balyk – Kurgan – Ufa – Almetievsk OTP’s main leg section is being carried out in order to ensure accident-free operation and environmental safety of Transneft Siberia’s oil trunk pipeline system.