Transneft Siberia Holds Emergency Response Drill on Simulated Oil Release Elimination at Irtysh River

Date of publication: 13 March 2019 Print

Transneft Siberia has conducted an emergency response drill in order to check the readiness and to practise personnel’s actions during containment of an emergency oil release on water surface during the period of ice formation. The drills were held at the Ust-Balyk – Omsk oil trunk pipeline’s underwater crossing through the Irtysh River in Vagaisky District (Tyumen Region).

The event was attended by emergency line maintenance divisions (ELMDs) of Aremzyany line operation dispatcher station (LODS) and the central maintenance division (CMD) of Tobolsk Oil Trunk Pipeline Directorate (OTPD) and Specialised Directorate for Emergency Prevention and Response (SDEPR); teamwork with Transneft Western Siberia’s business units was also practised. The application of oil spill response equipment was carried out on two lines. Over 80 workers and 40 pieces of equipment were involved in the drill in total.

According to the drill’s scenario, an oil spill was found at the Ust-Balyk – Omsk oil trunk pipeline in the area of the underwater crossing through the Irtysh.  The managing dispatcher of Tobolsk OTPD’s district control centre “stopped” oil pumping and notified the dispatcher of the regional control centre in Tyumen, heads of Tobolsk OTPD’s business units and the OTPD’s security service, as well as control and supervisory bodies.

A patrol crew formed of Aremzyany LODS ELMD staff and Transneft Security Services employees was sent to the place of the simulated oil release to locate the oil spill and assess the nature and the extent of the damage. Columns of the SDEPR emergency response and restoration department, ELMD of Tobolsk OTPD’s CMD and Aremzyany LODS arrived to lines 1 and 2 to contain the "spill" within the prescribed time.

The river’s width at the site where the “spill” was contained was 290 m, depth – up to 10 m, ice thickness – 0.5 m. In order to fully contain the simulated spill,  about 1,000 m of streambed boom barriers were installed at all lines; oil skimmers and sorbents were used. The simulated oil spill was contained within the regulatory time limits. The absence of pollutants beyond the barrier lines was confirmed by the division for environmental safety and rational nature management of Tobolsk OTPD.

During the emergency response drill, the staff demonstrated a high level of training, coherent and correct actions during the elimination of the emergency. Transneft Siberia’s specialists actively participated in the discussion and assessment of the drill at all stages. After summing up the results of the drill, it was established that the simulated oil release was contained and eliminated in full, within the regulatory time.