Transneft Siberia Starts Preparing Facilities for Working During Spring Floods and Fire Hazard Period

Date of publication: 15 March 2019 Print

Transneft Siberia has started preparation of operational facilities for operation during spring floods and fire hazard period.

A meeting of the commission for the prevention and elimination of emergencies and fire safety was held, reports of heads of the main technical sections on the preparation of equipment, structures and facilities for operation during floods and the readiness of divisions to conduct fire prevention activities were heard.

 The commission determined a number of preventive measures for implementation in all business units of the Сompany. In particular, within the anti-flood operations at operating facilities, special task forces were formed to respond quickly in case of emergency. In order to ensure reliable and accident-free operation of oil pipelines during the flood period, an emergency stock is formed to respond promptly to possible abnormal situations.

Technical condition of underwater crossings is constantly being monitored. To prevent possible congestion and artificial rise of water levels in the areas where oil pipelines intersect with water barriers, it is planned to carry out work to clean waterways from debris and garbage. Soil reserves and bags for restoring dikes of facilities located in hard-to-reach places are being formed.

In the areas oil trunk pipelines pass through, trees and shrubs are being removed away from the line, valve assemblies and PIG traps, in compliance with the requirements for the distance that should be clear.

Flame arresters are being installed on tanks and reservoirs, inspection of fire water tanks and cooling systems’ operability, as well as preparation of lightning protection equipment for a thunderstorm period is underway at business units. Also, firefighting vehicles and equipment assigned to firefighting groups is being prepared, and the equipment itself is being checked and tested. After the disappearance of snow cover, it is planned to arrange fire lines around facilities.

During the fire-hazardous period, monitoring of automotive vehicles’ technical condition will be enhanced, and work on equipping and checking fire equipment concentration points will be organised as well.