Transneft Siberia Completes Siphon Laying Works at Oil Trunk Pipeline Underwater Crossing in Sverdlovsk Region

Date of publication: 05 April 2019 Print

Uray Oil Trunk Pipeline Directorate of Transneft has completed siphon laying works at oil trunk pipeline underwater crossing over the Arya River as part of the replacement of the Surgut — Gorky — Polotsk oil trunk pipeline main leg at the 729—750 km section (Sverdlovsk Region). The technical upgrading of the OTP was conducted in accordance with the Development Programme of the Company.

The planned works began in August 2018. The total length of the pipeline section to be replaced is 20,4 km, including two crossings over water obstacles.  At the moment, the works on replacing the oil pipeline crossing under the Arya River are completed and the length of the siphon is 150 metres. The laying of the siphon was carried out with digging out and backfilling a trench. At the place where the oil pipeline crosses the Tavda River, a trench is being dug out to lay a siphon with the length of 179 metres.

The welding of a new pipeline section into a single string and joint sealing works are being completed. Trenches are being dug out, pipe laying and buoyancy control with backfilling are being performed. The works involve about 130 people and over 110 units of equipment.

In April, it is planned to conduct hydraulic tests of the first section of the oil trunk pipeline with the length of 8,5 km for strength and leakage.  Oil transportation is performed via the OTP’s standby leg. The commissioning of the new section is scheduled for November 2019.

The technical upgrading of the Surgut — Gorky — Polotsk OTP main leg was carried out to ensure emergency-free operation and environmental safety of Transneft Siberia’s system of oil trunk pipelines.