Transneft Siberia Representatives Take Part in Events Dedicated to 119th Birth Anniversary of General Fedyuninsky

Date of publication: 31 July 2019

Transneft Siberia representatives have taken part in the ceremony of paying military honours and laying flowers to the pedestal of the memorial to General Ivan Fedyuninsky, a battlefield commander, Hero of the Soviet Union, Hero of the Mongolian People’s Republic.

The commemoration event took place in Tyumen on 30 July 2019, and was timed to coincide with the battlefield commander’s 119th birthday anniversary.

 The event was attended by Andrey Artyukhov, First Deputy Chairman of the Tyumen Regional Duma, representatives of veterans’ organisations, students of School No. 69 named after Fedyuninsky, members of the Memory search party, as well as residents of Tyumen.

I. Fedyuninsky is the major battlefield commander among Tyumen residents who fought in the years of the Great Patriotic War. He rose from lieutenant to army general in close cooperation with Georgy Zhukov, the Victory Marshal. During the critical period in the Leningrad defense, Ivan Fedyuninsky took the command of the 54th, and then the 2nd assault armies. He elaborated and successfully implemented the operation to break the siege of Leningrad. Residents of the liberated cities and towns — Volkhov, Lomonosov, Kingisepp, Tallinn, Bryansk, Karachev, Gomel,  Frombork (Poland) — gave to Ivan Fedyuninsky the title of an honorary citizen. 

In 2107, the many years of scrupulous work by the Tyumen City Veterans’ Club and the financial support from Transneft Siberia resulted in the opening of the first in Russia memorial to Fedyuninsky, in the Tyumen street named after the hero. Transneft Siberia supported the publication of the biographical novel General Fedyuninsky. To date, historical novelist Sergey Mikheyenkov has finished his manuscript, and the novel is being prepared for print as part of the Life of Outstanding People series.

After the flower-laying ceremony, the delegation went to the army commander’s native place — the Gileva village in Tugulym District of Svedrlovsk Region — where they honoured the memory of General Fedyuninsky together with the residents of his village.