Transneft Siberia Puts Automated Control System of Aremzyany-2 PS into Commercial Operation

Date of publication: 09 August 2019

The Tobolsk Oil Trunk Pipeline Directorate of Transneft Siberia has put an automated control system into commercial operation at the Aremzyany-2 oil pumping station (PS) in Tobolsk District of Tyumen Region.

As part of the technical upgrading of the Aremzyany-2 PS automated control system, the construction and installation work was completed and commissioning was conducted, followed by testing of the microprocessor system of automation of the mainline pump station and process equipment.

The purpose of the works is to bring the automation system of the PS into compliance with the requirements of regulatory documents and standard design solutions of Transneft. The Aremzyany-2 PS previously used an automation system that was put into operation in 1996.

During the technical upgrading, over 83 km of cables were laid, 19 automation cabinets were mounted, new overhead cable trays were constructed, equipment was installed and adjusted, over 750 metres of impulse lines were welded, etc.

The new modern Russian-made microprocessor system of automation of the Aremzyany-2 PS provides a high level of control over the mainline pumps’ operation and auxiliary pumping systems, timely prevents possible failures and improves the reliability of the Ust-Balyk — Kurgan — Ufa — Almetievsk oil trunk pipeline.