Transneft Siberia Commissions Oil Storage Tanks after Technical Upgrading

Date of publication: 23 August 2019

The Nizhnevartovsk and Nefteyugansk Oil Trunk Pipeline Directorates of Transneft Siberia have completed technical upgrading of two tanks at Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area - Yugra.

A vertical steel tank with a floating roof at the Samotlor LODS and a vertical steel tank at the Karkateyevy LODS were put into operation, 20 m3 each.  

The works began in June 2018. The works included partial replacement of the wall, bottom and roof metal structures in  locations where comprehensive technical diagnostics had revealed defects, which was followed by hydraulic testing of the tank for airtightness and strength, corrosion preventive coating on the inner and outer surfaces of the tank, cable installation as well as dike and dyking completion. An aluminum floating roof was installed at the tank at the Samotlor LODS.

The technical upgrading of the tank farms of the Samotlor and Karkateyevy LODS was performed in accordance with Transneft Siberia’s development programme for the purpose of improving reliability and environmental safety of the trunk pipeline system of the Company.