Transneft Siberia Upgrades Automated Process Control System at Ostrov LODS

Date of publication: 31 October 2019

Transneft Siberia has completed a set of works on technical upgrading of the automated process control system of the Ostrov LODS, the Nefteyugansk Oil Trunk Pipeline Directorate.

The facility was put into commercial operation in accordance with the time period set by the Company’s Technical Upgrading and Revamping Programme.

The purpose of the modernisation is to replace the microprocessor system of automation of the Ostrov LODS, which has been operating since 2001, with a high-tech microprocessor system that meets the requirements of Transneft.

The technical upgrading of the Ostrov LODS automation system began in March 2019. In particular, 8 outdoors instrument cabinets, 28 automation and power supply cabinets, 4 instrument and manometric racks, more than 300 units of sensors, transformers and annunciators were mounted.  The fire alarm system, the fire alert and evacuation management system, and the vibration monitoring system were replaced.

The modern microprocessor automated process control system of the Ostrov LODS manufactured in Russia has increased ergonomics and data transfer rate, as well as provides a high level of control of the parameters of the main and auxiliary mechanical, process and power equipment of the LODS along with a high level of  stop valves control, allowing to increase the reliability of the Nizhnevartovsk – Ust-Balyk oil trunk pipeline.