Transneft Siberia Completes Pipe Laying at Two OTP Underwater Crossings in Ob River Streambed in Tomsk Region

Date of publication: 02 March 2020

The Strezhevoy Regional Oil Pipeline Directorate of Transneft Siberia has completed the laying of two siphons of the Alexandrovskoye  –  Anzhero-Sudzhensk oil trunk pipeline  (OTP) in the streambed of the Ob River in Tomsk Region.

During the сonstruction of the pipeline crossing through the anabranch in the Ob streambed, two siphon sections with the lengths of 72 metres and 204 metres were laid along the bottom of the watercourse, then the trench was backfilled. Hydraulic testing to determine the strength and tightness of the siphon is scheduled for this month.

The work was carried out within the replacement of the standby leg at the section from 21 km to 32 km of the oil pipeline and within the scope of the technical upgrading and revamping programme implemented by the company.

The total length of the pipeline section to be replaced is 11.14 km, including three crossings in the streambed of the Ob River. The laying of the third siphon with a length of 127 metres in the trench is planned in the near future. The works began in November 2019.

104 construction workers and engineers, 30 pieces of equipment are involved in the construction and installation works. The revamping of the oil pipeline section is carried out in accordance with the requirements of industrial safety and industrial control. The goal is to enhance the reliability of the oil pipeline operation.

The works on the replacement of the Alexandrovskoye –  Anzhero-Sudzhensk OTP section and its commissioning are scheduled in October 2020.