Tyumen Machinery and Repair Plant Releases Over 10 Thousand Units of Products in 9 Months

Date of publication: 05 November 2020

Tyumen Machinery and Repair Plant (TMRP) of Transneft Siberia has summed up the results of production activities for 9 months of 2020. More than 10 thousand units of products were manufactured in TMRP workshops, which is 1.7 thousand units more than in the same period of 2019.

Transneft subsidiaries were shipped 4.8 thousand components for pump units, 717 components and containers for storage and transportation of PMT pipes of a dismountable field trunk pipeline used in the repair of the line. Also, 325 process manholes for the pipeline, 49 sets of the tank load compensation system, 3 sets of the amphibious excavator carbody were supplied.

From January to September, Tyumen MRP processed 7 thousand tonnes of rolled metal against 4 thousand tonnes in the same period of 2019.

The plant implements a full cycle for treatment facilities production, including design, industrial engineering, manufacturing, equipment testing and service support. During the reporting period, one set of biological treatment station was produced at TMRP site. The station is a technically and technologically complex industrial facility. Energy efficiency and reliability of its operation is achieved due to the use of airlifts (devices designed to lift liquid to a height using compressed air) for recycling or instead of the previously used impeller pumps.

Personnel of TMRP performs maintenance and current repairs of mechanical, process, energy, metrological, instrumentation and automation equipment. In 9 months, the plant's maintenance divisions at operating facilities of Transneft subsidiaries carried out maintenance of 27,745 electrical equipment units, repaired 19 mainline and 10 booster pump units, two electric motors of pump units. TMRP carried out the installation supervision of four floating-roof tank culverts. The plant's specialists also carried out the commissioning works of the treatment facilities system.

For reference:

Tyumen Machinery and Repair Plant is a business unit of Transneft Siberia providing Transneft subsidiaries with engineering products, nonstandard metal structures, as well as parts for the maintenance and repair of oil pumping equipment. The plant was established in 1977. The company’s range of products consists of more than 2,100 items.

The plant operates in four main areas, including the output of products for trunk pipelines, tank farms, pump units and treatment facilities for various purposes.