Tyumen Oil Trunk Pipeline Directorate enhancing production facilities’ reliability

Date of publication: 21 May 2018 Print

Transneft Siberia’s Tyumen Oil Trunk Pipeline Directorate (OTPD) is revamping its production facilities in accordance with the Company’s development programme.

For example, to increase equipment reliability  in the line portion of the  Nizhnevartovsk – Kurgan – Kuibyshev oil trunk pipeline (OTP), a centralised emergency control automation system is being upgraded  at the section from 880th km to 1,129th km of the pipeline.

A 288 metre long section of the Shaim – Tyumen OTP under the Tyumen – Nizhnyaya Tavda motorway is currently being replaced to bring the oil pipeline’s crossing into conformity with standard requirements. A pipeline casing has already been installed under the motorway; welding and insulation installation works are underway. A 72 metre long siphon has been pulled under the road and the trench is now being backfilled.      

Furthermore, to ensure uninterrupted pumping of oil, electric motors No. 2 and 3 are being replaced at Chashi-2 oil pumping station (PS) and right now a concrete foundation is being poured under electric motor No. 2. Vertical Steel Tank (VST) No. 9 having the capacity of 20,000 m3 is being revamped at Torgili line operation dispatcher station (LODS); the tank’s bottom and wall metalwork is being replaced.

The purpose of the works being carried out by Tyumen OTPD is to raise its production facilities’ reliability as well as to ensure uninterrupted oil transportation and environmental safety of Transneft Siberia’s oil trunk pipeline system.